Aurora Tracking

To track your order, simply enter your tracking number provided to you on your order in the tracking bar below.

Tracking will become available to you for your same-day delivery at 1:00pm the day of your delivery.

If you are having issues tracking your order, or are getting no results when searching your tracking number, please check the following:

1. Please ensure you are searching your entire 16-digit tracking number.

2. If you have placed your order after 9:00am, the delivery will not occur until the next business day.

3. Please double check with Aurora Enterprises that we are the carrier for your order, as Aurora has multiple methods of delivery.

4. If the above conditions have been met, then we have not received the shipping information from Aurora for your delivery. Please check with Aurora to confirm your order has been processed for same day delivery. 

Clients of Aurora Enterprises who order for same-day delivery will be able to live-track their orders on this webpage.

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