Direct X System Update

We're always looking for ways to optimize our system to make things easier, and more streamlined for you. We've added a few key updates to help manage multiple accounts, adding potential new addresses, and much more. See our new tutorial video for an in depth explanation on each feature.

Direct X

Order Entry

See the convenience of our new Direct X web entry system, executed in 4 easy steps. Your time is valuable, why waste it entering in redundant information just to ensure that your delivery is made in a timely manner? Direct X's simple design is made with you in mind, saving you time on the simple things so that you can focus on what matters most.

Token Generation & Bookmarking

It's annoying to have to log in and find pages when you're dealing with multiple things at once. We thought of that! With our Direct X order entry system, you only need to log in once. Save the page as a bookmark to your browser, click the link when needed, and go.

Order Status & Search

It's important to us that you can always have eyes on what's happening with your shipment. This is why we've included a way to access information about your trip using the job number generated upon receiving your order.

Mobile App

Anywhere, anytime. Using our Mobile Customer Order Entry App you have the convenience of getting the service you need, even when you're away from your work space! We've designed the app to be streamlined and easy-to-maneuver for your convenience.

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